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Rossi d’Angera

Rossi d’Angera is an historic distillery founded in 1847. This family business is in Angera, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, where the region Lombardia abuts Piemonte, just south of the Swiss Alps. During their 175 years of history, five generations have carried on this family tradition with passion and desire to spread the Italian culture.

In 1847, Bernardo Rossi, began producing their first distilled products. Through two world wars and modern innovations, the business has been a family endeavor. From the original steam distilleries to the modern-day international marketing and distribution, they have been constant through it all. Surviving highs and lows the family has persevered to share their distilled drinks with the world.

Whenever you are mixing cocktails and creating Italian-style, quality-time with family, friends or customers – Rossi d’Angera will help you deliver authentic Italian flavors.