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Amaro “Lago Maggiore”

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Amaro “Lago Maggiore”

Our traditional alpine herbal liqueur, still prepared today using a recipe that dates back to the 1800’s. This includes an herbal infusion of herbs, roots and mandarin citrus peels. This is a mellow bitter with a sweet taste that everyone can truly enjoy. — Rossi d”Angera

Amaro “Lago Maggiore” is still prepared today according to a recipe that dates back to the end of the 19th century. A blend of herbs, roots and spices that delivers a soft and enveloping taste

Savoring a bitter liqueur after dinner in Italy is an Italian family staple. This drink is viewed as both a tradition and an herbal remedy for healing and digestive purposes. It has a long history going back to medieval alchemists who thought that these herbal infusions were useful for healing all manner of maladies. The velvety flavors of mandarins and rhubarb in Amaro “Lago Maggiore” as well as other key tasty and healing herbs take a tonic effect on both the tongue.

Later the monks and abbots explored these distilled beverages with the idea of creating a true elixir for prolonging life as well as curing ills. As new spices came to Europe through South America and India via colonization, new concoctions were created as experiments continued to focus on the health of the individuals. The court of Caterina de Medici made the drink fashionable by offering bitters up as preparations to welcome guests hospitably.


Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Intense amber color tending towards brown.
Bouquet: A complex bouquet with hints of herbs and roots leading to a sweet explosion of mandarin zest.
Taste: Velvety, fresh and pleasantly bitter with a hints of rhubarb the mandarin zest is confirmed on the finish.
Alcohol: 30%