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Gin “Latitude 45”

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Gin “Latitude 45”

Gin “Latitude 45” is inspired by the geographical coordinates of its birthplace: Lake Maggiore.

Juniper and 10 other botanicals characteristic of the mountain woodlands of the lower Alps are added to the cereal distillate. These territorial ingredients give aromatic and spicy hints of great elegance. Ideal product for mixing, enjoyable on the rocks.

Bain-Marie* distillation of the hydroalcoholic infusion containing Juniper berries and all the other botanicals (Bennet system), rectification of the distillate with the insertion of other botanicals in the “Gin-Basket” (Carter Head system). Dilution at 45°, cooling of the mass to a temperature of approx. -5, -8 degrees cent., 1st cold filtration, 2nd rinse aid filtration, rest before bottling.

*The Bain-Marie still uses the method of insulating the product that is being distilled by heating it through a layer of water (double boiler). As the water heats, it will create steam, and the heat is applied to the distilling substance slowly and indirectly. Bainmarie distillation is the slowest distilling process currently used at the craft level.


Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Crystal clear.
Bouquet: Mountain breezes passing through the wooded hills above Lake Maggiore. Delicate with lively hints of juniper and spicy aromas.
Taste: Soft, round, warm and a complex aftertaste of botanicals.
Alcohol: 45%