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Anisetta Rosati begins in 1877 when Umberto Rosati purchased the Morganti Pharmacy in Piazza dell’Arengo. He later acquired the Premiata Farmacia Centrale in Ascoli Piceno. Due to its position right in the center of the ancient city of Ascoli it was called Central Pharmacy (a name that still distinguishes it today). Stefano Rosati and Dr. Anna Laura Rosati along with their nephew Dr. Pieralberto Rosati (the fifth generation) still follow in the footsteps of their ancestor. Anisetta Rosati, which originated with an ancient recipe for a digestive, is still made according to the refined method developed by the Farmacia Centrale back at the end of the 19th Century.

The distinctive label was created by the famous Emilian painter Augusto Mussini at the beginning of the 20th century. Among his numerous patrons were the Royal House of Savoy and Pope Leo XIII.

Anisetta Rosati. E ‘liqueur was described in the newspapers of the time with “manifestations and broad approvals from medical and scientific notability.” Prof. Comm. Gaetano Mazzoni (Surgeon advisory honorary to Pope Leo XIII) wrote: “The Anisetta Rosati … refreshing and digestive … was very welcome and I can assure you that it should be considered among the best preparations of the genre.”

Its unique flavor is due to a diligent slow distillation in a slow evaporation bain-marie, a careful selection of the seeds of Castignano Green Anise – Pimpinella Anisum L. – (universally recognized as the best and most fragrant) grown in the gentle hills of the Piceno on well-drained fertile land exposed to the south and cooled by the breezes of the Sibilllini Mountains. With the addition of other Mediterranean spices coming from organic cultivations, Anisetta Rosati is a low-sugar-content liqueur.

Awarded by a unanimous jury with the Gold Medal at the Third World Exhibition of Rome in 1900.