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Torre dei Beati

Torre dei Beati derives its name from a detail of a fresco dating back to the 14th century, in nearby Santa Maria in Piano church. It shows people, on Judgement Day, heading to the Torre dei Beati (Tower of the Blessed). The destination for souls who have passed, through great effort, to the sublime. The image is a visual metaphor for the winery’s aim to express, through careful and rigorous selection, the best native grapes of the Loreto Aprutino.

Torre dei Beati started its family-run winemaking in 1999, when they converted the vineyard planted in 1972 by their father Rocco, to organic farming. Their first bottle dates to 2000. The estate’s vineyards now cover 21 hectares. They are all located in Loreto Aprutino, between 250 and 300 meters above sea level, 25 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea

The estate is just below the 3000-meter peak of the Gran Sasso d’Italia, the highest mountain of the Apennine range. This position gives the vineyard a warm wind coming up from the sea during the day and cold air coming down from the mountain at night, especially during the last month of the maturation, when the Gran Sasso is usually blanketed by snow.

In the cellar, the most advanced technology is used to make the wine in the traditional way. Severe selection in the vineyard and in the cellar allow us to make wine only from perfectly healthy grapes with the aim of making low-intervention quality wines.