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Visciola, "Il Duca"

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Visciola, "Il Duca"

Type: Red
Grape Varietals: 80% Vernaccia Negra, 20% Lacrima di

Il Duca is processed using a unique, low temperature recipe that “enhances the aromas of the drink and delights the palate”.
Visciole are a close relative of the sweet cherries that most Americans are familiar with, but the Visciole cherry is more nutritious. The popularity of the Visciole is enhanced due to its superior aromas which contribute to its value in the Il Duca drink. The fruit is more acidic and the flavor reflects the differences between the sweet cherry and the “Visciole”.
An Aromatic Wine made with Wild Cherries or Visciole juices added.

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Bouquet: intense, cherry fruit, delicate and complex Taste: Sweet, balanced, with long lasting finish Serve: 14° C or 57° F. Best opened and allowed to air for a bit after opening Food Pairings:  Alone, with chocolate, even chocolate cakes or dry patisserie, and ice cream

Winemaking Notes:
The red wine used to create this drink has been previously aged for 12 months in wooden barrels. It is then added to wild cherry nectar, extracted from months of preparation. This starts a long slow fermentation process at a low temperature for an additional 12 months. The final part, still 4 more months, goes undisturbed or filtered.