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Visciola “Il Duca”

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Visciola “Il Duca”

Il Duca is processed using a unique, low temperature recipe that “enhances the aromas of the drink and delights the palate.”
Visciole cherries are a close relative of the sweet cherries with which most Americans are familiar. The popularity of the juice of the Visciole is is due, in part, to its highly aromatic quality and fresh-fruit acidity. This shows through in Il Duca, an Aromatic blend of wine and wild Visciole cherry nectar.

Type: Red, sweet

Wine Blend: 80% Vernaccia Negra di Urbino, 20% Lacrima di Morro d’Alba. The finished wine is then blended with Visciole wine made from wild cherries exclusively from the Montefeltro region.


Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Deep, dark cherry-red.
Bouquet: Intense, cherry fruit with delicate, complex spice notes .
Taste: Sweet, well-balanced, with a fresh, natural fruit acidity that gives a clean, long-lasting finish.
Alcohol: 12.5%.
Serving Suggestion: Serve 14°C (57º F) in medium-size goblets. For best expression, openthe bottle and let it breath for 20-30 minutes before serving.
Pairing: Serve alone as its own treat, with chocolates, chocolate cakes, dry patisserie, and vanilla ice cream.

Winemaking Notes:
Process: The finished red wine part of this drink is aged for 20-months in wooden barrels. Then wild cherry wine prepared over a period of 3 months, is added. This blend is placed in barriques for a 12 month low–temperature, slow fermentation. After 4 months, the unfiltered an unaltered product is ready for bottling. During processing the wild cherry remains intact and is neither pressed nor ground.
Annual Production: 3,500 bottles.