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“Capo di Stato” was born in the historical “100 plants” vineyard, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes, where Montello’s microclimate (North of Venice) gives it a strong personality.

Count Loredan, after several years of production of high quality wines, decided to make a special reserve of Venegazzù Red Wine in the 1960s. The focus on quality, limited quantities and special vintages, created a wine that soon sought after for special regional occasions. The idea that a world-class, local wine could be served at state functions was greatly appreciated in Venice. Among its first fans was the French President Charles de Gaulle who enjoyed it on his 1967 visit. This event gave the wine its name “Head of State” in honor of this success.

Appellation: Colli Trevigiani DOC

Type: Red, dry

Blend: 70% Cabernet, 15% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec

The Label
In the history of man, wine and art undoubtedly enjoy a sublime bond. In 1967 the famous Italian artist Tono Zancanaro (1906-1985) dedicated two sensual works to the elegant “Riserva” of Count Loredan which express the dual male and female soul. To his mind the “grape” (feminine) becomes “wine” (masculine). The two fused into the same essence. From that moment “Des Roses pour Madame” and “…pour Monsieur la Bombe,” become the art for the label. Later the wine was produced with only the “…pour Monsieur la Bombe” label. The “Des Roses pour Madame” label is only placed on selected bottles for particular occasions.


Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Deep, warm red.
Bouquet: Intense and charming aromas of rich of wild berries and light spices. There is a rich structure to this wine with sweet, strong tannins, and cellar-worthy acidity.
Palate: Blackberries, vanilla, graphite and a bit of baked red fruit and spice.
Serving Temperature: 16/18° C (60°/64° F)
Pairing: Beef, Pasta, Lamb, Game (deer, venison), and aged cheeses.

Vinyard Notes:
Vineyard: The fruit is from two vineyards, the original or mother vineyard planted in 1940 and a second vineyard planted in 1990 using a selected clone of the mother vineyard.
Elevation: 90-120 meters (300-400 feet) a.s.l.
Soil: Red earth which covers conglomerates of calcareous cobblestones, porphyry and granite kneaded with clay, which is rubble coming from Piave river and the Alps erosion.

Winemaking Notes:
Vinification: The best fruit of the two vineyards is chosen and the grapes are co-fermented and macerated on the skin for 14 days.
Aging: 30 months (part in botte grande part in new barriques. The wine is held in bottle for one year before release.