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Vermouth Bianco

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Vermouth Bianco

Rossi d’Angera Vermouth Bianco is made from selected wines and a hydroalcoholic infusion of over 31 botanicals.

Classic vermouth obtained from the union of Cortese and Trebbiano white wines with hydroalcoholic infusions. In addition to bitter-toned herbs and roots such as cinchona, rhubarb and gentian, the infusion also contains some herbs typical of the lake and pre-Alpine area.

Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Pale straw.
Bouquet: Intense, aromatic absinthe, chamomile, citrus notes and a pleasant spicy aromas of herbal blends typical of Lake Maggiore.
Taste: Soft, round, captivating with a unique aftertaste attributable to the particular herbal blends of Lake Maggiore.
Serving suggestion:  Try it neat, on the rocks or as a mixer.
Alcohol: 16%