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Grappa di Nebbiolo

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Grappa di Nebbiolo

A soft and powerful grappa with an intoxicating taste.

Grappa made from only Nebbiolo pomace aged for about 18 months in new medium-toasted Allier and Limousin barriques. Soft and caressing imprint.

Made from 100% Nebbiolo pomace from Piemonte

Discontinuous distillation of the pomace with steam passage boilers, dilution with demineralized water up to approx. 60%Vol alc., aging in barriques for over 18 months, final dilution up to 42%Vol alc., refrigeration up to a temperature of approx. -15 degrees cent., cold filtration, 2nd filtration at room temperature before bottling.

Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Amber with golden reflections.
Bouquet: Highly complex perfume that enhances the memories of sandalwood, jam and cooked must, with light notes of roasting, oriental spices and pipe tobacco.
Taste: Dried fruit, warm, soft and harmonious. On the finish, a pleasant spicy note (like Italian green and red peppers).
Alcohol: 42%