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Brandy, 21-Years Millesimato 1988

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Brandy, 21-Years Millesimato 1988

This is a blend of four brandies distilled from wines harvested in the same year, the 1988 season. The idea of Brandy Millesimato (vintage brandy) is to showcase the characteristics of a particular year. The wines used are Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo, distilled with a discontinuous method by means of a Charentais alembic which preserves all the wine’s best elements.

The brandy is aged in small 350-liter oaken barrels made in France (Limousin and Allier.) During the first year of aging new barrels are used as these infuse the distillate particular tannins and add some richness to the color. Later, the brandy is transferred into used barrels, which are almost exclusively used for crafting the tannin and for the alcohol oxidation process. During the aging period, the alcoholic strength is reached, which in this case is 45%.

Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
These tasting notes for the 21-Years Millesimato 1988 are from Luca Gardini (Chief Sommellier of Cracco Restaurant, Milan).
Color: A golden yellow color with amber highlights.
Bouquet: A full and intense aroma with appealing shards of chestnut and arbutus honey. The smell unfolds revealing touches of sweet vanilla and woody licorice root, arriving at wafts of leather and sweet tobacco.
Taste: A rich expression of power and elegance.
Alcohol: 45%.
Serving Suggestion: Serve at 20°C (68°F). If you have stored the bottle at a cooler temperature, set it out so it can slowly acclimate. Serve in a snifter, a wine glass or a tulip-shaped glass.
Pairing: This pairs well with rich desserts, such as ice cream and chocolate mousse. It also matches well with a strong cheese, as that type of cheese enhances the floral flavors of the brandy.