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Anisetta Rosati

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Anisetta Rosati

A splendid liqueur thanks to a diligent distillation process that starts with double steaming and slow evaporations, followed by a fine and careful selection of Green Anise of Castignano, Pimpinella Anisum L., universally known as having the finest and delightful perfume.

Type: Digestif, mixer

Region: Ascoli Piceno – Marche – Italy.


Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Bright, crystalline, transparent and clear.
Bouquet: Intense, aromatic, decisive and pleasant aroma, with citrus notes.
Taste: Soft taste and rich in aroma with hints of green anise, rosemary, citrus fruits, licorice, fennel and other Mediterranean spices.
Alcohol: 28%.
Serving Temperature: 10-15° C (50-60º F).
Serving Suggestions: Serve neat in a balloon or tulip glass. Try it on the rocks with three arabica coffee beans and two drops of lime, or alternatively with four large drops of excellent espresso coffee.

Vinyard Notes:
The fruit is grown in sunny, well-drained fertile soils in the Piceno hills between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains. Hand picked by skilled farmers on during the last full moon of summer.  
Production Notes
Distillation Method: Distillation in a discontinuous bain-marie still with slow evaporation.
Botanical Components: Castignano Green Anise Seeds (Pimpinella Anisum L.) obtained from Slow Food Presidium and Mediterranean spices.
Format: 500 ml bottle.