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Grappa Ortica E Limone – Stinging Nettle and Lemon Grappa

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Grappa Ortica E Limone – Stinging Nettle and Lemon Grappa

The unique combination of wild nettles harvested from the Nebrodi mountains and lemon peels from organically grown trees makes this grappa flavored digestive, with a soft and delicate flavor, one of its kind.

To enjoy after dinner or as a creative mixer.

Bottle size: 50 cl

Alcohol: 42% vol.

Distilleria Giovi was founded in 1987 by master distiller Giovanni La Fauci and is located in the small town Valdina in the province of Messina in an area that enjoys a temperate climate and faces the Tyrrhenian Sea perfectly framing Cape Milazzo the Aeolian Islands.

The distilled raw materials are sourced exclusively from the best winemakers of the Sicilian winemaking scene. The fruit is taken directly from local cultivators from around the Etna peninsula, grapes from the islands of Pantelleria, the Aeolian Archipelago, the Province of Marsala, the town of Noto and other areas in Sicily prominent for viticulture.

Giovi’s distilled spirits simply mirror all the characteristics of the ingredients used in their entirety enhancing their flavors and engaging their aromas.

The Power of a Dream

“I started out with 100lbs of apples, some makeshift equipment and all the passion that can turn a hobby into a profession.

I learned by reading and experimenting – the old fashioned way. Distilling marc* that I collected during my visits the nearby winemakers’ cellars, experimenting with different and new techniques along the way, assembling my own alembics and stills as if they were an extension of myself. All this in order to find a way – the best possible method to obtain that perfect result that has an excellent flavor and an unmistakable aroma!”

Giovi’s alembic, an old “Zadra”, is a discontinuous double boiler. Some parts were modified by Giovanni to better fit the purpose of his distilled spirits. The marc held in the alembic is heated slowly until the correct temperature has been reached for the proper evaporation of alcohol. This all assists with having a perfect balance between the aromas of the raw materials and the finished product. The tail and head of every batch is discarded as each marc needs to be dealt with individually. Every batch takes from four to five hours and every alembic has a capacity of about 500lbs. Before being distilled, the marc is subjected to rigorous olfactory tests by the Master Distiller to verify the quality and to select the best. The distilled spirit obtained, at a temperature 169°F is transferred in stainless steel containers where it’s aged from six to 8 months. Afterwards it is diluted with fresh mountain spring water to bring it to the desired alcohol content. Every product has a specific alcohol content that maximizes the balance between palate and olfactory. Before the product is released, the product is always aged in the bottle for a minimum of four to six months.

* Pronounced mahr, marc is made by distilling the pips and skins left in the press after juice has been extracted from wine grapes.