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Ricci, Daniele

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Ricci, Daniele

Owner(s): Carlo Daniele Ricci

Other participants: Filippo Ricci, Maria Rosa Ferretti, Mattia Ricci

Vineyard area: 8 hectares (19.9 acres)

Date founded: 1929

Certified organic since 2017 / practicing organic since 1999

Philosophy: The philosophy of the winery is to follow the rhythms of the land; that is, man needs to adjust to the nature that surrounds him, and not vice-versa. Working this way means keeping mechanical and above all chemical interventions to the absolute minimum possible.

Vineyard methods: For many years we haven’t used any type of herbicide or desiccant in the vineyards. We don’t use any synthetic products, and we employ a controlled cover crop in the vineyard starting in the fifth year. This means to me that we work the vineyards naturally and with love for the land, without the need for any additional certification.

Winemaking methods: We work in the cellar using the same philosophy that we employ in the vineyards. We don’t use clarifying agents, and we don’t filter our wines. (We expect that the wine will leave some deposit in the cask. Even after we rack the wine, you may sometimes find a small deposit in the bottle. It’s completely natural and nothing to be afraid of.)

The addition of sulfur is minimal but essential (only 60-70 g/hL). After working correctly in the vineyard and thus bringing in only healthy grapes, one can and one should make a wine that is natural as well as good.

With all of this in mind, we view it as essential that those who recommend our wines take the care to convey our working philosophy, so that whoever acquires our products will be able to acquire as well a little love for the most beautiful work in the world.



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