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Le Piane began, in a way, in 1988 when Christoph Kunzli and Alexander Tolf met Antonio Cerri. At that time Antonio was more than eighty years old and one of the last wine growers to produce and cellar the typical Boca wine. Following a tasting of Cerri’s wines, Christoph and Alexander decided Boca was where they wanted to farm and make wine. They began working with Antonio to make Boca. Without heirs interested in taking over his life’s work, they convinced him they would honor his way of making wine and continue his tradition. They purchased his vineyards, the barrels (still full), a nice archive of library vintages, and a small broken-down building right in the middle of a 0.5-hectare vineyard. They slowly acquired and cleared more small plots of land and like a puzzle the property soon grew into today’s estate. Le Piane still maintains the vineyards in the traditional way and makes wine without the use of modern technology. These wines speak the language of time gone by.

“Le Piane” now has an area of 8 hectares (20 acres) of vineyards, 2 of them with old vines. Sadly, Alexander Trolf was killed in 1998 in a road accident and did not live to see the results of this successful development. His ideas and dreams, however, remain in the “Meridiana” vineyard that he had replanted. The prominent yellow house there has become the company’s logo and thus symbolizes a new beginning. A group of international friends of wine culture is financing the project.


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