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Piedirosso “Mille”

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Piedirosso “Mille”

I Cacciagalli’s Mille is a fleshy, pulpy red wine from a blend that speaks Campania. Able to combine the snappy, fresh and creative character of Piedirosso, with the education and alcohol of Aglianico and the edges and rustic traits of Pallagrello Nero.

Appellation: Rosso Rocomonfina IGT

Type: Red

Blend: 70% Piedirosso, 20% Pallagrello Nero, 10% Aglianico

Organic and Biodynamic

“Mille” is named after the “1000” who followed and marched with Giuseppe Garibaldi who is considered to be one of the “fathers of Italy”. He commanded and fought in many military campaigns. He gathered his thousand “red shirts” in 1860 and conquered Sicily, gaining the first step to Italy uniting as a country. The thousand, marched across the land that now grows this fine wine that I Cacciagalli wisely named Mille, which translates in English to “1000.

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Intense Ruby Red.
Bouquet: Aromas of wild visciole (sweet and sour cherries), and dark berries.
Taste: A fresh fruit-forward juicyness overlaying earth. Altogether a pleasant tasting wine with young, fruit tannins and a long lasting fruity finish.
Alcohol: 12.5% (varies with vintage)
Serving Temperature: 16 C° (60º F).
Food Pairings: Cheese or Margherita pizza, grilled portobellos with mozzarella and thyme.  

Vinyard Notes:
Production Area: Cacciagalli, Teano, CE.
Elevation: 200 meters (650 feet) a.s.l.
Soil: Volcanic, sandy calcareous with good organic matter.
Training System: Guyot.
Density: 4,400 vines per Ha.
Yield: 50-60 q/hectare.

Winemaking Notes:
Harvest: Manual, first 10-days of October.
Yeasts: Ambient, native yeasts.
Vinification: Vinified and aged in concrete tanks. Unfiltered, unclarified.