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The I Favati winery has been recognized as one of the outstanding Italian producers of fine wines and grappa. Passion, and a culture of good wine, are a tradition that has been carried on by this great family since the early decades of the last century. Located in Irpinia, famous for its beauty, its rich volcanic soil, and its wine, the company is expertly managed by winemaker Rosanna Petrozziello, her husband Giancarlo Favati, her brother-in-law Piersabino Favati, and daughter Carla Giusy Favati. This dynamic family, along with enotechnico, Vincenzo Mercurio, handle every aspect of this family business, managing the vineyards, the harvest, the production and marketing.

Their vineyards are located within the Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi DOCG zones. All together they have 16 hectares of Irpinia’s unique, indigenous, grape varieties. The cellar is equipped with the most advanced winemaking technology, complementing the careful work in the vineyards. Rosanna oversees each stage of the process assuring the best outcome of each cycle to guarantee the high quality of all wines produced.

Up the hill, just a few steps from the cellar, is their cozy hotel – Villa Carolina I Favati. It overlooks the lovely Piazza Di Donato in the small community of Cesinali. This is the perfect spot for a wine-country vacation or an overnight stay in the heart of Irpinia. There you will also find the tasting room and wine shop of I Favati.

Wine & Spirits Magazine selected I Favati as one of the Top 100 Wineries in 2023!

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