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Cantina Del Pino The Vacca family has been living and working the vines at Cantina del Pino, one of the oldest estates in Barbaresco, since the 1920s when Giuseppe Vacca, bought the property from his friend, the legendary agronomist and director of the Royal Enological School in Alba, Domizio Cavazza.

On the day his son Luigi was born, Cavazza had planted a pine tree in the backyard of his property to mark the highest point of the Ovello Hill. To pay homage to the special friendship between Giuseppe and Domizio, the property which locally had been known as Cascina Casotto, was re-named after the pine tree and is now the Cantina del Pino.

Branching out from the legendary Produttori del Barbaresco Cooperative, Renato Vacca (the great grandson of Giuseppe Vacca) convinced his father, Adriano, to start their own label in 1997. In 2013 Franca (Renato’s wife) joined the winery. Unfortunately, Renato passed in 2020. Franca, a winemaker in her own right, along with Renato’s parents continues the traditions and dedication to the quality wines of Cantina del Pino, the historic winery on the Ovello Hill.