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Badia di Morrona

Badia di Morrona is an historic estate located in Terricciola, in the Terre di Pisa, a stone’s throw from the sea. The property surrounds the historic abbey, called Badia di Morrona, founded by Hugh of the Cadolingi in 1089. Most of the surrounding 600 hectares are woods of cypress, oak, and holm oak, with 40 hectares set aside for olive groves, and 110 hectares for vineyards. The estate was purchased by the Gaslini Alberti family in 1939.

All the land around Badia di Morrona has been dedicated to agriculture and vines for hundreds of years. The land was an ancient seabed, rich in marine fossils, which infuse various clay and sandy deposits. The variety of soil types and the micro-climates of hills and valleys enables the production of expressive and unique wines.

In the 1990s, Duccio Gaslini Alberti, father of the current owners Filippo and Alessandra, aware of the advantages represented by these unique conditions, decided to significantly improve the quality of the estate wine by launching a sustained vineyard re-planting program, with the far-sighted goal of preserving the most promising vineyards. That involved identifying the most desirable clones, applying the most appropriate vineyard densities, and adopting vine-training systems, all of which were aimed at producing authentic, high-quality terroir wines.

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