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Cesanese di Affile “Cisinianum”

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Cesanese di Affile “Cisinianum”

Its etymology derives from “Cesae”, the place with cut trees, where the ancient and rich settlers dedicated themselves to the care of splendid vineyards with unique characteristics.

Appellation: Cesanese di Affile, DOP

Type: Red, dry

Varietal: 100% Cesanese

Region: Lazio

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Bright and transparent ruby shifting to garnet red with aging.
Bouquet: Deep and intense, opens with notes of red fruits and a floral sensation of violet, but then leaves room for darker notes of spices and balsamic notes.
Taste: It is a perfect match to the aroma, the mouthfeel is particularly lively, with well-calibrated tannins and supporting acidity that last through the long finish.
Alcohol: 13.5%.
Serving Suggestion: Serve at a 16-17°C (61-63°F) in a tall, fairly wide goblet.
Pairing: Saltimbocca alla romana, mature cheeses, main dishes with meat and mushroom sauces, spicy dishes, red roasted meats.

Vinyard Notes:
First Year of Production: 2007.
Production Area: Affile.
Climate: Temperate with wide variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures.
Soil: Calcareous, marly and arenaceous. Particularly suitable for a quality viticulture with a low production yield.
Elevation: 600 meters (1,968 feet) a.s.l.
Bottles Produced: 7,000.

Winemaking Notes:
Vinification: Maceration on skins for 21 days; fermentation at a controlled temperature 24˚-26˚C, or 75˚-79˚F with daily stirrings.
Aging: Stainless steel (80%) and French durmast "barriques" (20%)"