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Muni di Daniele Piccinin

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Muni di Daniele Piccinin

In 2006 Daniele Piccinin made his first white blend of Chardonnay and Durella. He studied winemaking under the tutelage of Angiolino Maule (president and anchorman of VinNatur – Association of Natural Winegrowers). He purchased grapes from Angiolino and made wine with him through 2009. His grandfather, who had made wine for the family, was born in the hamlet of Muni in the Alpone valley northeast of Verona. Daniele chose this place for his winery to have a link with the land of his roots. In 2010 he finally made the first wine from his own cellar in Muni – total production was only 5000 bottles.

Now Daniele has 7 hectares located in Sant Giovanni Ilarione, in the province of Verone, between 300 and 500 meters above sea level.They have a South/South-East exposure, and are planted in argilo-calcareous soils. The slope of the vineyards means that the majority of the work is carried out by hand. It is a family business and now produces 15,000 bottles. Daniele has taken it upon himself to champion the local grape Durella – close to becoming extinct and locally known as Rabbiosa (meaning angry, on account of its raging acidity) – which is a rare, autochthonous grape with only around 300 hectares total hectares planted.

Daniele Piccinin defines his viticulture as a simple blend of knowledge and observation. He strives to work only with what nature provides. The vineyards, surrounded by woods, lare left to grow spontaneously and he limits even manual intervention. Among the vine rows grow mint, summer and winter cereals, plantain, sorrel, alfalfa and dwarf pea. All plants with their own role and with their own value. He does minimal pruning late in the season (February-March) to ensure that the sap will flow out and limiting the entry of pathogens into the wood. In the vegetative phase, the vines are passed one by one to check the load of buds and to thin-out the yield. The grass under the foot of the vineyard is cut by hand, while the one in the middle of the row is left to grow and fall on its own. This allows it to naturally retain water balance and ensure the microbiological life in the soil continues to develop and grow even during the hottest and dryest periods. For treatment only solutions of copper and sulfur are used, and then in only the most serious cases.

Today Daniele Piccinin is vice president of Vinnatur and an active partner in experiments on the vitality and richness of organic substance of soils carried out within the association. His labors give us the Bianco Muni from 50% Chardonnay and 50% Durella grapes, a combination of freshness and full fruit, straight and frank wine with an irresistible sip and a special Pinot Noir that is only made in exceptional vintages.