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Masseria Cuturi is a unique 270ha property located in Manduria, Puglia. The Rossi-Chauvenet family embarked in an ambitious project of farming and producing wines from high quality organic grapes, highlighting the unique qualities of the native varietals of Manduria. At the turn of the 19th century, Tommaso Schiavoni Tarfuri, a Mandurian nobleman, married the Countess Sabini di Altamura, Gioia del Colle, who brought some cuttings of Primitivo grapes as her dowry. Don Tommaso planted these cuttings when he took over the farmland of Masseria Cuturi.

Since that time, the property has been the cradle of Primitivo and benefits from a formidable array of natural resources which nurtures a fine expression of terroir. The hot Mediterranean climate, persistent sunshine and occasional sea breezes make for a near-perfect environment for viticulture. Extraordinary soil composed of cretaceous limestone under layers of iron-rich quaternary deposits, the Primitivo planted here ripens earlier than other Apulian red grapes.

Today, under the leadership of the Rossi-Chauvenet family, there are nearly 140ha of Primitivo, Negramaro and Fiano vines planted. In addition to their commitment to the highest quality agriculture, the family continues to defend five-hundred-year-old olive trees, act as caretakers for woodlands and ancient archaeological sites that date from around 300 BCE, and preserve farm structures that were built between the late 1700s and the first years of the 1800s.