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Cantina Gallura

Cantina Gallura is llocated in the town of Tempio Pausania on the foothills of Mount Limbara. Here, beneath dazzling white granite mountains shaped by the North wind, grow blood-red cork-oaks and the native vines of Sardegna. The cooperative was founded in 1956 and over 100 growers contribute their grapes. The soil, a mix of sand and rock, is poor, and the vines have to struggle to survive this hostile environment. The limited grape yield offer wines with unique and prized qualities.

Gallura, a name which echoes the term “Gallo” (Rooster) of the Pisan coat of arms of the Visconti family, first lords of the Giudicato. Since 1956 the term “Gallo” embodies the esteemed wines of the Gallura wine producing cooperatives. At the foothills of Mount Limbara grapes of exclusive “Gallurese” origin are gathered to produce a wide range of DOC wines that find in Vermentino, recently awarded the DOCG (Denomination of controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin) trademark,the highest expression of quality.


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