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“…my wines are unique…every vintage is never the same!” — Alfio Mozzi

The Terroir
The Valtellina Valley is an important crossroads that bridges Northern Europe with the Mediterranean and is one of the few Alpine valleys that runs laterally from west to east. This keeps the norther slopes of the valley in the sun throughout the day. For 30 miles terraced vineyards run up the steep rocky cliffs, taking advantage of this unique exposition.

The Weather
The Valtellina Valley is located on the 46° parallel north and protected by mountains. On the northern side of the valley, the Retiche Alps provide protection from the cold winds from the north. On the southern side, the Orobie Alps create a rain shadow shielding the valley from the humid currents coming from the. For most of the year a Foehn wind coming from the dry side of this mountain range is the dominant breeze. A Foehn or Föhn is a type of dry, relatively warm, downslope wind that occurs in the lee (downwind side) of a mountain range. Despite its demanding, rugged, steep mountainsides, this meteorological phenomenon makes the Valtellina territory favorable for viticulture. The dry sunny exposure allows prickly pears their natural habitat and they can be seen on the rocky of terraces around these mountainside vineyards.

The Winemaker
Alfio Mozzi professes to have been born in the winery belonging to his great grandparents, themselves winemakers. After working as a metal worker for 11 years, he decided to devote himself first to the cultivation of vines, turned that into a business and then subsequently, in 1988, started the winery. Winemaking is Alfio’s passion, despite the demanding, rugged, steep mountainsides, of the Valtellina, working the soil, training, and tending the vines and the tastings in the cellar, being in direct contact with the terroir, the vines, and the wine is his joy. With every bottle that passion, the excitement of the vintage, the flavor of tradition, the Valtellina expresses itself through his labor of love.

The Winery
The Mozzi winery is in the town of Castione Andevenno in the Province of Sondrio on the far western side of the Sassella subarea with a south-western exposure. The winery cultivates vines that grow from 1,200 to 2,000ft above sea level with sandy and shallow terrain. The estate produces three labels that show off the unique terroir of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG, and they are all made from the Nebbiolo varietal: Sassella Grisone, Sassella Grisone Riserva and the Sforzato di Valtellina. The latter two wines are produced exclusively in the best years.