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July 8, 2017- Ezio’s Retirement Party

Our Vinity Wine Community came together for two days in a row…the Saturday party was to celebrate Ezio’s retirement from our company….of course he was back in the office being amazingly helpful on Monday….I was not the only one to smile at hearing his voice after we experienced a couple of weeks without Ezio at his stationary spot at his desk….

For our celebration, we gathered at Angelino’s Servizio Gondola on Lake Merritt. Dino had sent us an email at 1:30 am telling us that the maialino was shaved and ready for roasting…by the next afternoon…we had the most sumptuous suckling pig served alongside a meal fit for a king…but then, of course, Ezio is a king….he seems like it when you consider his input on everything…

And besides he is such a nice guy….