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July 7, 2017 Involtini and Costa d’Amalfi Friday

HomeJuly 7, 2017 Involtini and Costa d’Amalfi Friday

July 7, 2017 Involtini and Costa d’Amalfi Friday

Just another day in the operations department of Vinity Wine Company. Fridays are a day where we meet with sales staff (our back bone that literally holds up the company with their efforts and professionalism). And some Fridays we meet with clients and show off the latest flavors available in our wholesale catalog.

Today, as the CEO heats up another amazing meal for us all, the staff gets important information on how to create great cocktails with Rossi d’Angera’s Lago Maggiore and Genziana Spitz. Dino, the CEO is the one pulling the lasagna out of the oven in the next picture….

The warmth of the meal, the vibrant conversation….it feels as if Italy is here in the heart of Emeryville where Vinity Wine pulls together another “business meeting” like no other…instead it is more of a meeting of minds and shared community….a stark showing of why wine, warmth and humanity is important in every get together…really…every evening should have wine or an aperitif…and this sort of intelligent conversation…only this one in the office rolls back and forth between Italian and English speech, and professionals swirling large glasses of wine and detailed inspection for color against the light….there is a fragrant ingesting of heady aromas…The meal is amazing…. Piedmont Avenue’s Dopo and its tasty amazing fare…the Involtini was so delicate and tasty with a sip of Marisa Cuomo’s Costa d’Amalfi….Involtini are tuna, tomato and pine nuts stuffed into a thinly cooked eggplant shell…the delicate pink nuances of wild strawberries and floral notes in the bouquet of the Amalfi, balances out the strength of the Involtini and the tuna on the palate…

The same experience is as close as one of our CEO, Dino’s choices for wine or a cocktail at your table…

Today Tiziana, the beautiful lady waving her wine glass to the far left in the top photo made us a tasty Piemontese Arancia Cake. She promised me the recipe….the crust is flakey and tasty and is best when eaten in big chunks with the filling in my opinion….I will post the recipe as soon as she gives it to us on our Vinity Website….Dino says the cake should have La Cappuccina’s Soave as a food pairing….

Fridays are clearly my favorite day of work…if you can call it that…it feels more like a professional version of play…